• OctTechUp: Not one thing then another cogs
      • I had all my permissions planned out and decided the best way to move forward while keeping my options open (because, seriously, this is taking way too long). Got all of my model permissions set up and ready to hook them in, when my laptop that has been with me five years gave up the ghost. Luckily, I could see it coming since the hard drive was crawling near the end, and barely got everything I needed off the computer before it decided not to boot anymore.

        I've performed the voodoo rites of my people and transferred a spare harddrive of origin unknown into the laptop's body, completing the ritual with a fresh Debian install. So I am more or less back up and running much faster than expected. But I'm still setting my environment back up. Thank god for Subversion.

        So that's where development stands at the moment, slight hiccup but we'll get back on track here soon.

        Until next month,