• SeptTechUp: Canada hoy cogs
      • Late update since Jiko has been busily packing everything away for an excursion to the Canadian rockies. We'll be up there for a good portion of this month, hopefully not being eaten by bears and collecting photography which will likely find its way onto the site's tumblr.

        SPEAKING of tumblr, Ser (or Bar, depending on where you're gossiping about him) has been hard at work in RPG Maker putting his ideas to screen. Neat little dev posts if you're into watching the process!

        Not a whole lot else to report this month! Still progressing on epub stuff, but it's taken a bit of a backseat to travel plans for a bit. Things will resume here shortly! Have a wonderful month! If you don't hear from us again, we have probably been accepted into a moose tribe and are living off the land forevermore.